Tuesday, August 04, 2009

William Orbit, not Nostalgia, Found by Shazam App!

I love Sirius Radio, but they do have a song or two wrong on the display. One that was frustrating to me was a song that is listed on the display as "Occulta Fama" by Nostalgia. I've downloaded that song because it is OK, but that isn't the song that Sirius is playing.

I've searched the internet trying to find what the real song is to no avail. Recently I got a Blackberry though. I saw that the Shazam application was available (at a cost, not free like on the iPhone) and so I snapped it up. I finally got a chance to give it a test on the mystery song. I am driving home from Birmingham in the middle of the night. The mystery song starts to play.

I start Shazam.

First try... "try again". Oh man.
Second try... "try again". Noooo.
Third try... SHAZAM!

"Story of Light"
William Orbit from Cafe Del Mar Volume 1.

The original album is Strange Cargo 3. The Cafe Del Mar series is a compilation of songs from various artist. I have downloaded songs from many of these sets, including Volume 1. It was funny that it was pretty close the whole time. I post this here simply to see if it can get picked up on search engines. I did find a message wondering what this song was on a message board somewhere at some point. Hopefully I can help someone find this song in the future.

Shazam really is awesome. If you get no return at first, keep trying. The third time was the charm on this song. I finally have the right song in my iPod.