Friday, March 24, 2006

Admin Brick Geocoin


I had no idea that admin brick would be so popular. I never would have imagined. I made a fairly small quantity relatively speaking because I did not want to be stuck with so many of the things. They did turn out beautiful though. I guess everything depends on the password presales and how that goes.

I had the idea of making second one if it was popular, kind of like Lucas and Star Wars. I doubt if I will make it to admin brick 6 though. I had thought about waiting about 6 months for round 2 if it worked. I might have to do that quicker too. I guess I need to see what happens as they get into people's hands.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Geocoins and Unexpected Trading

Boy, it didn't take long for a trade on a geocoin to go bad. Funny in a way, not in another way. I expected a trade to go bad eventually. It did. I won't be sending out two coins to anyone else. Such a shame really. I thought it was one of the better trades and I got some coins I really wanted. Unfortunately, someone that I did not want a coin to go to got one anyway. The person said they were keeping both. They didn't.

Live and learn.

Monday, March 13, 2006

...until URU can slowly grow again.

The folks at Cyan Worlds have brought on their own shard (server), D'mala. There is encouragement as we move forward in Until URU. Will we get back to URU Live again? Boy, I hope so. I just hope the invites get to a point that the investors like. I wish I could win a big lottery. I would throw money at them. If you get 10,000 people paying $20.00 a month, it seems that you could afford bandwidth and development time, but who knows. Hopefully things will get off of the ground again for them.

As we say...
"perhaps the ending is not yet written."

More regarding Until URU and our hopes for the return of URU Live can be found on the Cyan Worlds Plasma site.