Monday, June 23, 2008

Me? Quoted?

I'm stunned.

These spam emails are amazing. My boss will forward me a message from time to time asking if this stuff is true. Most are not. It takes just a few minutes to usually drill down to the truth. or usually have the answers already and it is just a matter of Googling the truth out.

I've seen the gas email thing before. "Boycott -- make a difference" yadda. Ironically, I still don't buy Exxon gas because of the Valdez disaster so very long ago. I don't campaign against them (OK, maybe I just did), it is just a personal choice. The gas boycott email thing was posted in the Groundspeak forums though. Being the good moderator that I am, I squashed the post by closing the topic. My closing message was:
Spam costs the world more than fuel ever will. Ban spam.

Hey, I just did!

Sometimes we remove those topics, but this time I did not. How funny that I left that topic active in the forums. Somehow, my post was picked up by WDSI Fox 61 in Chattanooga. My post was reproduced in an article on their site regarding that particular spam email. I am way down at the bottom. I am surprised and flattered. Thanks to CYBret and koneko for noticing and pointing this out to me.

I am somebody!