Sunday, October 26, 2008

And then there was Bobo...

About a month ago I came home and saw a black kitten outside in our front yard. He was hiding in the bushes next to the neighbors yard. I'm such a sucker. I went over to see what he looked like. There are some stray cats around, but he looked different. He came right over to me and rubbed up against my leg and was purring. I petted him and went to the door. He followed. Oh boy. He was a bit thin and he stayed on the front porch. He didn't seem to have anywhere to go. Tina felt sorry for him and fed him. I guess you can see where this is going.

We did not want to bring him inside because of our 18 year old cat Bubba. We did not know what to do. The kitty had a hurt back leg and our guess is that he was tossed out by someone, literally. He hung out on the front porch for several days. Over time, J.C. figured out that there was a cat on the front porch. We brought him out and the kitty was a bit nervous at first, but he saw that J.C. wasn't going to hurt him I guess. J.C. figured that we were OK with this kitty too. We decided to give him a name. He became Bobo, named after Boris Valabik, a young part time player for the Atlanta Thrashers.

About a week later, Tina came home and the kitty wasn't around. That would happen, so she figured he would come up eventually. She went out on the back porch, and there he was on the table. Inside the fence. Inside J.C.'s domain. He was acting like he owned the place, which was slowly becoming the case. Even funnier, he would hide in the bushes in the back yard and charge out at J.C. when he would trot by. They now chase each other around the back yard and play. It is funny to watch. They have become pals.

It is hard to catch them chasing each other, but you can see Bobo's face on the far left as he darts out from under a bush.

So, we had Bobo outside and Bubba inside. We started bringing Bobo inside, and Bubba let him know that this is his house. Bobo slept outside at night, but began to peer inside the dog door. The door is sort of smoky gray. We brought him in more and more and began to feed him inside. There is a lot of posturing between the two, but they are finally at least getting along somewhat. Bobo finally spent a night inside the house and now is part of the home. You can see from the pictures that he has a short tail, which appears natural (no abuse in that regard). He is fascinated by Bubba's flippy tail. I think Bubba does the tail flipping sometimes to drive Bobo crazy.

Just as we thought we were close to having no cats for a while, we now have another kitty. It is funny that Tina and I both had commented that we would miss cats when Bubba was gone (he is now on kidney medicine and probably doesn't have much time). It looks like fate. Bobo's back leg is better and he looks so much more healthy.

Two black cats. Too funny.


Blogger Aaron said...

Two black cats in the house?

I'd dodge the ladders and not move any mirrors any time soon! :P

Monday, October 27, 2008 7:44:00 AM  
Blogger Dustanne said...

Love the fact that you took him in and gave him a name.
It is so great to watch dogs and cats play together.
I once watched a show where a crow and a cat were friends...the crow had raised the cat.
Love the blog

Monday, February 02, 2009 10:47:00 PM  

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