Thursday, April 10, 2008

URU Live... The Finale -- Again

I do NOT want to quit!

I was not ready to quit URU Live. I did not go into the cavern much after the announcement of the impending shut down back in February. I did go in and I got a ton of screenshots in the widescreen mode. Those will go up on my web site soon, depending on what Cyan will allow. Legal only allows me so many, but there are more than the legal amount that I would like to share.

That said, being in the cavern all night before the shut down was good for me I think. I felt good being around all of the folks that felt the same way. It was good to say goodbye to friends... again. I ended up closing out in the URU Obsession Hood. I had been one of the first members of the hood in UntilURU on the Tapestry Shard. Joclyn and I created the hood at the same time after the last vault wipe. I knew how to kill a hood so I eliminated my version. Supergram came in and joined with Joclyn and I soon followed. It grew from there on Tapestry. I felt the need to be in that hood when it drifted away in URU Live. It felt good to be there. We were dancing and then suddenly, everyone grew still when the error screen came up. We were done. It was over at exactly 12:01 AM as, for lack of a better word, promised. Folks are posting some great pictures of the nights activities.

Only one season was a stinker in my opinion. It did not have much of a chance. We only saw very little beyond what we had already seen before. What new content we did see was great. Minkata took my breath away. It had been a long time since I felt that way. Finally swimming with others in Ahnonay was a treat. Greydragon has posted that they would like to continue on in some way. Who knows if we will get additional content. He sounds like he likes fan ages though. I would like storyline myself. I've read all the books and played all the games. I've visited Cyan in Spokane. I want story.

Thanks Cyan.

I've said it about a dozen times, but I will say it again. Thanks Cyan. I even thank Gametap for giving it a chance now that I've reflected on it. Cyan let everyone go after the first time around. Gametap brought the people back to Cyan. I hope they can keep them this time. It was a good ride. Maybe, just maybe, the third time will be the charm.