Wednesday, June 10, 2009

iPhone ---> iCan (maybe iCon)

Well, AT&T continues to be high flying buttheads and continues to ignore its customers. I mean really, is that surprising? An interesting blog today talks about how AT&T didn't even show up for the Apple WWDC release of the new Apple iPhone 3GS. I am as shocked as I was when I heard that rocker Adam from American Idol is gay (like who didn't see that coming, duh, and should have won). The only thing I see AT&T staying focused on is calling my place of business every couple of weeks asking us if we want to drop our current provider (T-1 line) and switch to their DSL service for business. How many times do you need to hear "no".

I certainly hope Apple gets it soon. AT&T sucks. I love my Verizon service and don't want to change. I want the iPhone really bad, but I continue to wait. I am past my Verizon phone contract "new every two years" time-frame, but I continue to wait. I'll stick with my LG enV phone for now. I've had a taste of the Apple technology with my second generation iPod Touch.

Hey Apple, I've got an idea for you.

Verizon would probably go for anything you ask to get the device Apple offers. AT&T continues at their own pace (basically their hands in their pockets). One thing I have seen is that Apple may call the new device something else. Since the iPhone is way more than a phone at this point, don't go in the "iPhone Light" direction. That is moving backwards. Instead, call the new device the "iCan" or something progressive. Your technology is a full communication package after all. Don't hold back on features, move forward and put stuff in it that AT&T continues to ignore. Show AT&T that the "hands-in-your-pockets" and "too-good-to-show-up" attitude doesn't cut it these days. Leave AT&T in the dust and make *them* work to get better technology for a change. Complacency is the sure-fire way to be left behind.

Apple, don't fall into the AT&T sleep mode.
Verizon customers are here waiting for you.

Maybe the iCan could be the new icon. :-)
Call it the iCon, the icon of the communication world.


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