Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bobo's Bling

Well, Bobo is feeling right at home at this point. Over time, he watched J.C. go in and out of the dog door and figured it out. Funny to see him slink in and out of the door. The bad thing is that he *is* a black cat. He easily jumps the fence in the backyard, so he is pretty much a wild man at this point. We worry about him being out and about and getting in the road. We also wanted those that see him around to know that he does have a home. Time for some bling.

We got a breakaway collar from PetSmart. We also got a tag with his name and address and phone number. The collar has a bell on it, and we didn't know if he would like the bell. It seems that he does (probably why every collar has a bell on it).

He never really tries to get it off. He has scratched at it some at first, but he is pretty much used to it at this point. If it gets hung up as he crosses the fence it should pop off. We hope so. I figure he will eventually lose it, but at least it shows up well. The little white fish are reflective and the red color shows well against his black fur. He is a cool dude!


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