Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Geocaching Experience Today

Today I got a call from my boss to go meet someone around lunchtime. OK, is there a cache in this area? Oh man. I had left both of my GPSR's at home in my backpack with all my swag. YIKES!


I know of several cachers that don't use a GPS. I zoomed into the Google satellite map on the page and printed it out. I figured what the heck. I got there and had fun trying to think like a cacher. Where would I hide a cache in a bunch of pine trees? I kept looking at the satellite photo and comparing where a tennis court was.

Oh yeah, ten minutes after I got there I was signing the log. I might try that again.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Why not join the revolution...

OK, I might as well blog. Most of it will be about geocaching or Myst type gaming products.

I am still sad to see the Myst series end. I guess it had to eventually. At least some of us carry on now in Until URU. We shall see if it develops further. Since URU is set in real time rather than in the D'ni history, I would think it could. Since "you are you" in essence, no more history or storyline needs to be developed, just take the existing story and let us go visit and explore the places they already have in place.

Still, knowing those guys, anything they do beyond Myst will probably be smokin' hot anyway (we await Latus). Keep up the good work Cyanist.