Monday, June 01, 2009

Dogs and Cats

The saga of the new kitty continues. Bobo has been diagnosed with Feline Aids. It is only contagious to other cats and only through bites. Since Bobo was fixed he has chilled out pretty much. We were concerned about him fighting with neighborhood cats. If he did, we were going to put him down. We cannot keep him inside at this point since he owns the dog door. He tries to play with Bubba, but he doesn't try to bite him at least. Bubba is too old to play, so it doesn't get too far. He is really turning into a good cat, though we know that he probably won't last for more than eight or ten years if we are lucky. He is a cool kitty and pretty affectionate. It is too tough to put him down.

In the back yard where he likes to hang out, we found a wild catnip plant. No wonder he likes it back there. If he sees me go back there he follows to make sure I leave his shrine along I think. We bring some of the catnip in for Bubba (inside only cat). So J.C. decides that if the cats are eating something, it has to be good for him too. Oh yeah, he LOVES catnip. It obviously does not make him crazy like it does cats, but he really wants his share if we bring some in. The boy will eat anything. We thought lemons and limes were odd enough. He is a crazy catnip loving puppymonster. What can I say.

Bobo and J.C. do still play some in the backyard. It is so funny to watch the two of them chase each other around. J.C. has a funny quirk. Every night at 9 PM, he begins his milkbone dance. You can pretty much set the world clock by his antics. The funniest part is that he wins I think. Daily milkbone. Too funny.

Dogs and Cats. Love the dudes.


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