Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vietnam Wall Vandalized!

It appears that the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC might have been vandalized. Oh, you haven't heard about this? Well of course not! The news media would never publish a story like this now would they. Incredible. If something like this was done at a certain presidential library in Arkansas, we would hear about it for months.

They will probably never find out who did it, but it appears that a type of oil was sprayed onto the wall with something like an old style restaurant ketchup or mustard bottle from the photos. Below is a link to more information and some amazing photos. I got angry when I saw them. These people knew what they were doing. The panels damaged run almost the entire length of The Wall. The videos linked below show how the hate-America traitors who did this had to walk around people who were there visiting.

The vandalism was done sometime on Friday night or early Saturday morning. While there are cameras around the site, it is a very dark area. It is like that on purpose. If you have been there at night, you know the power of the memorial when it is lit up at night. Guards are there until 11:30 PM and the lights are usually shut off at midnight on all memorials in DC (I know, I've been out there shooting photos when the lights have gone out). I hope 24 hour guards will be on duty in the future and hope that the area will be able to remain dark at night. If it is lit up it will lose it's majesty.

Some of my photos of The Wall at night are found on my web site.

Photos of the damage to the memorial can be found here:
Free Republic Site

Videos can be found here:
YouTube Video Part 1 | YouTube Video Part 2

Nice to see that the Washington Times FINALLY did a news story this morning about it, four days after the vandalism was found. I've seen couple of other mentions in print news finally.

From the YouTube videos, it appears that the cleaning done today was not successful. See Video 2 for details.