Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chilling to Sirius Channel 35

For years I've listened to talk radio in Atlanta. A couple of years ago the station I listened to, WGST, fired most of the staff and reformatted their talk radio. When Kim Peterson was forced out, they forced me out too. We had been thinking about buying a satellite radio and while riding around with a buddy of mine, I got to hear some of the jazz stations on Sirius Radio. I had heard some of the new age stuff when I rented Hertz cars as well.

I decided to take the plunge.

What a great decision that was. My radio allowed me to highlight songs and artists, which is cool. I highlighted Moby at one point. He kept coming up on channel 35. One day I flipped over to that channel, the Chill Channel. It is a mix of electronic and dance music that is a bit slower than the other similar channels, but still rocks. As they said on one of the little blurbs on the channel -- "Nothing but sleepy elevator music, without the elevator and without the sleepy music". A whole new world of music was opened up for me and my iPod is now full of various songs I have heard on that channel. My radio is one that stores music, so I usually back it up 45 minutes and then run though the music stored. I do skip some of the music, but I listen to much more than I skip. Amazing that I now listen to Venus Hum, Zero 7, Thievery Corporation, Single Gun Theory, Tracy Thorn, Massive Attack, St. Etienne, Mazzy Star, DJ Shadow, iiO, Peas, Tricky, Morcheeba, Bliss and many more.


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